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End of Night

Book Four, Shadow Security Series

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Tiger shifter, Boone Jameson, isn't interested in love, not when grief rules his life.

Until he meets Hedra Miller, the private nurse he hires to care for his ailing grandmother.

His instant attraction to the sassy and gorgeous human isn’t surprising, but his urge to be her mate is.  Hedra’s ability to extinguish his sorrow has him eager to spend time with her in and out of the bedroom.

Too bad Hedra has a strict rule against sleeping with the boss.

Hedra’s no stranger to mistakes.  And sleeping with Boone would be more than a mistake, it could cost her everything. 

Unfortunately, ignoring her attraction to Boone proves impossible, especially when she’s a live-in nurse.  Not sleeping with the sexy tiger shifter requires a level of willpower she doesn’t possess.


As Hedra and Boone grow closer, Boone’s grief and Hedra’s enemies threaten to tear apart their blossoming love.


But when Hedra’s life is in peril, Boone and his tiger will stop at nothing to save their mate.

The Boss

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I want to be a good girl.

But finding someone who can take my submission and mold me into the perfect good girl is harder than I thought.  It’s not like there’s a GoodGirlsRUs hotline I can call.

When money means the difference between life and death for my mother, I discover a way to turn my kink into cold hard cash.  Discreet and willing to pay top dollar, working for the Silver Star Agency is the key to saving my mother.

Kneeling for him, earning his praise, and being his good girl, fills me with peace.

Until the day I discover the man I willingly kneel for is my new boss.

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