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Undeniably Hers

Book Two, Undeniable Series

The control belongs to him, but the pleasure is undeniably hers...

Amy Dawson is a successful business woman, a talented designer and in love with the man of her dreams.  Too bad the man of her dreams is her brother’s best friend and strictly off limits.  Even if her family would accept the thought of them dating, Mark would always see her as the bratty little kid he grew up with.  Besides, if sweet and gentle Mark knew what she really craved in bed, he’d never speak to her again.

Mark Stanford wants something he can never have – his best friend’s little sister.  Amy may be his perfect woman but after practically growing up in her house, he'd never cross that line.  Besides, if Amy knew exactly what he wanted to do to her in bed, she’d run screaming.

Determined to indulge in a personal fantasy, Amy agrees to a session with a Dom at “Secrets”, the hottest BDSM club in the city.  Blindfolded and restrained, the Dom who brings her both pleasure and pain, demands total submission and leaves her begging for more.  The discovery that Mark is the Dom sends her world into a tailspin and her libido into overdrive.

Mark and Amy can’t resist the pleasure they find in each other’s arms.  But afraid of losing the only family he has, will Mark deny his true feelings for Amy?  Or will he give in to the fact that he is, and always will be, undeniably hers.


Note:  This is Book Two in the Undeniable Series.  Although this book is a stand-alone story, you may enjoy Book Two better if you read Undeniably His, Book One in the series first.

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