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The Vampire's Love

Book Two, Other World Series

A dangerous obsession is reignited with one touch.

It’s been over a year since Val has last seen Abigail. Driven nearly mad by her loss, he finally accepts that she is gone to him forever. Until the night he discovers her about to be sold at a human auction.

After rescuing her from her new captor, he is stunned to realize that his little dove is no longer the shy, frightened human she once was. When he learns of her plan to rescue her new human friends from the deadly games they are being forced to participate in, he reluctantly agrees to help her.

Abigail vows to never again be a vampire’s meal ticket,  But when Val rescues her from the auction block, an  obsession she thought was gone forever is reignited.  Desperate to save her friends, she strikes a bargain with Val - the vampire she swore she’d never allow to control her again. 

 Pretending to be Val’s human slave is almost easy.  Pretending she isn’t falling in love with him is almost impossible.


This is Book Two and Book One "The Vampire's Kiss" MUST be read first.  But, The Vampire's Kiss is free to read at all major ebook retailers.  

Although Book Two tells a complete story, be warned that there is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end, because who doesn't love a good cliffhanger?

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