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The Physicist

Book Three, Sexy Scientists Series

He understands energy matters.


I’m a cliché.  I’m in love with my brother’s best friend.

But it doesn’t stop me from pining after Nicholas Campbell like a love-struck kitten.  Can you blame me though?  He’s deliciously sexy, a brilliant physicist, and the kindest man I know.


Which makes him the perfect person to help me lose my v-card. 


Only he’s never looked at me as anything other than my brother’s kid sister.  He’s off-limits… or is he?


When he needs a place to stay for a few weeks, I come to the rescue.  And it’s the perfect opportunity to show him that I’m all grown up.



I can’t have Alina.  Not only is she my best friend’s sister, but she’s sweet and innocent and I’m… not.


But physics has taught me that opposites attract, and now that we’re roommates, our attraction grows stronger.  To her, my past doesn’t matter.


And even though my ability to resist her magnetism weakens each day, there is no happily ever after for us. 


Can we find our happiness, or are we on a collision course to heartbreak?

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