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The Geologist

Book Four, Sexy Scientists Series

He's hard as a rock.

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Seven years ago, the boy I loved left our small town, vowing never to return.  Probably for the best.  A humiliating experience with my one-sided crush meant Griffin Morris would never want me the way I wanted him.


Now he’s back and my boss assigned me to follow him like a sassy shadow.


The boy has grown into a very big man with a very hard… attitude.  Clashing with him is a mistake, especially since he could get me fired.


But I can’t stop arguing with him.  Or kissing him.  Or letting him put his hands all over me like I’m one of his pet rocks he’s so fond of.



Returning to the town that harbours bad memories isn’t something I ever wanted.  But when I’m contracted to do a land survey for a lucrative project, I have no choice.


I have one mission – survey the land and ditch this town faster than a landslide.


Until Bryce Watson shows up.  She’s got the same red hair and fiery attitude I remember.  But it’s her intelligence, curvy body, and perfect mouth that’s got me rock hard whenever she’s around.


Willowdale is a town I’ve struggled to forget.  So why does Bryce make me want to come to terms with the past and ache for a life here with her?

Author’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of stand-alone, short and dirty (So.Very.Dirty.) novellas. If you’re looking for quick, one-handed (ahem) reads with insta-love and over-the-top alpha heroes in lab coats, then the trope-alicious Sexy Scientists series is for you!

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