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The Botanist

Book Six, Sexy Scientists Series

He can fertilize my lady garden.


My plan was simple.  Restore my grandfather’s garden to its former glory to surprise my nana. 

Between my black thumb and inept gardeners, I’m left with no one to turn to but Luka Sanders, the local botanist, next-door neighbour, and, thanks to the incident, a dyed-in-the-wool Iris Jenkins hater.

Luka is smart, sexy, and brooding… a lethal combination for my underpants.

But if I want his help, I have to prove to Luka I’m not the girl he thinks I am.


I’ve spent four years avoiding Iris.

She thinks it’s because of the incident.  She doesn’t need to know I spend most nights fantasizing about watering her flower… repeatedly.

With the Willowdale Botanical Gardens facing financial ruin, Iris is the only one with enough money to rescue it. 

I’ll do anything for the Gardens, even if that means working to restore Iris’s family garden with the funny, intelligent, and way-too-sexy woman. The more time I spend with Iris, the more I believe she’s the one for me. 


But Iris and I are complete opposites, and this is real life, not a fairytale. 


How could two radically different people find forever together?


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