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Forbidden Bliss

Love is worth the price.

Dane has a problem.

And she has long dark hair, bright blue eyes, and curves for days.


Shy and sweet Naomi, his new secretary, has no idea what she does to him.  He’d risk everything for one night in her arms.


But Dane and best friend Mason are a package deal.  Would someone so innocent ever agree to bed them both?


If Naomi ever hopes to break free from her controlling parents, she’s going to need their help. She’ll have a new life.  One where she decides what and who she wants.


Apparently, what she wants is them.


Now everything has changed. And they’re determined to show Naomi exactly what she’s missed.  She thinks it’s just a meaningless fling, but the men have feelings they can’t deny.


What will it take to convince her they’re the best part of her fresh start?

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