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Filthy Appeal

Please note this novella was originally published in the "Dirty It Up" anthology.  If you've read "Dirty It Up", you have already read this book!

My name is Libby Brecken and I’m a nice girl.  Of course, being a nice girl doesn’t always have its benefits.  I may have just become the youngest partner to be hired at Martin, Clarke and Bones law firm but a cheating ex-boyfriend has left me with low self-esteem and a non-existent sex life.

​But that’s all behind me now.  It’s Christmas and I’m giving myself a present.  One night of hot, anonymous sex with a stranger.  When two gorgeous and sexy men approached me at the bar and offered me a two-for-one gift, I was certain it was a Christmas prank.  But Seth and Theo made it perfectly clear they wanted to unwrap me like a present while I sucked on their… candy canes, and I couldn’t resist.  

Merry fucking Christmas to me – emphasis on the fucking.

​Only Seth and Theo weren’t who I thought they were.  I never expected to see them again, until I walked into my office Monday morning to find my new associates were the two men who dominated me two nights ago.  Luckily, they’re more than happy to take orders from me in the office.  But once it’s quitting time, it’s clear who’s in charge…

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The stockings won't be the only thing hung this Christmas...

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