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End of Night by Ramona Gray

Hedra had left both the bathroom door and Boone’s bedroom door open in case Althea called for her, and she opened her eyes and sat up, staring at Alfie as he stopped next to Boone's tub and looked up at her.

“What’s up, Alfie?”

He bared his teeth at her, and she rolled her eyes.  “If you don’t want to be here, just leave.  I didn’t send you an invitation, buddy.  Get back in bed with Althea and stop interrupting my personal time.”

He growled again before darting forward and snatching the bath towel she’d placed on a small wooden stool beside the tub.

“Alfie!” she snapped as, growling loudly, Alfie pulled the towel off the stool.  “Don’t you fucking dare take that towel, you little shit.”

Alfie dragged the towel across the slick tile toward the door, his stubby tail wagging.

“Shit!”  Hedra reached over the side of the tub, her fingers skating across the end of the towel as Alfie ran past.  She caught a pinch of the towel between two pruny fingertips, but Alfie growled again and yanked hard.  The towel popped free of her fingers and she watched as Alfie trotted out of the bathroom, the towel clamped between his teeth and dragging behind him.

“I’m going to murder that fucking poodle,” Hedra said.  With Boone out of the house, she hadn’t bothered to wear her robe or pajamas for the trip from her room to his bathroom.  She’d just wrapped the towel around her naked body and merrily skipped her way to his magical tub.  It was a decision she now intensely regretted.

She glanced at the towel rack, muttering a curse when there was only a hand towel.  She stood, water dripping down her body, and craned her neck to see into the laundry hamper, hoping like hell to see Boone’s bath towel.

There was nothing but a pair of boxer briefs, and she chewed on her bottom lip, weighing her options.  She could stay in the tub and wait for Boone to come home and bring her in a towel, or she could make a naked dash for her room. 

She hesitated a few seconds longer before pulling the tub plug.  It would take her ten seconds to run to her room, and if she waited in the tub for Boone to get home, she would one hundred percent try to fuck him.

And that’s a problem, why?

Because… because… dammit, now was not the time to forget every damn reason why fucking Boone was a bad idea.  It just was.

She stepped out of the tub and grabbed the hand towel, holding it up and huffing out a laugh.  It wouldn’t even cover her left tit.  Stuffing it back on the bar, she dried the bottom of her feet on the mat as the water dripped down her body, and goosebumps broke out across her body.

She rubbed her feet dry a second time, not relishing the idea of slipping and falling on the tile bathroom floor or the hardwood in Boone’s bedroom.  Knowing her luck, she’d knock herself out cold, and Boone would find her sprawled out on the floor with her tits and hoo-haw on full display.

“Okay, Hedra, time to move that gorgeous ass of yours,” she muttered and hurried across the bathroom and into the bedroom.  She was halfway across the room when Boone walked into the bedroom, studying his phone and absently kicking the door shut behind him.

She froze mid-step, exhaling softly and wondering if she could will herself into acquiring teleportation abilities.

Boone’s head shot up at her soft release of breath, and his eyes widened almost comically large as he scanned her up and down.  She thought briefly of trying to cover herself with her hands before abandoning it.  What was the point?  Boone had already seen the goods.

His gaze returned to hers, and she said, “Hello, Boone.”

“Hello, Hedra.”

There was a beat of silence, and she was simultaneously impressed and disappointed when Boone’s gaze stayed locked in on her face. 

“Alfie stole my towel,” she said.

“Right,” he said.

She swallowed hard.  “Okay, well, thanks for letting me use your tub.  Good night, Boone.”

Gathering her dignity, too aware of the water she dripped onto the floor, she straightened her spine, threw her shoulders back and marched buck naked toward the door.

Boone’s hand slid around her forearm as she passed him, and she stopped when he made a soft, rumbling purr.

“Boone,” she said, her breath catching in her throat when she looked at him.

His hazel eyes were a clear jade, and his look of pure lust turned her pussy slick and ready for him.

“Boone,” she breathed, “I….”

“You don’t honestly think you’re leaving this room without me tasting your pussy, do you, little lamb?”  Boone growled.

End of Night_RamonaGray_Jan2024.jpg

Tiger shifter, Boone Jameson, isn't interested in love, not when grief rules his life.

Until he meets Hedra Miller, the private nurse he hires to care for his ailing grandmother.

His instant attraction to the sassy and gorgeous human isn’t surprising, but his urge to be her mate is.  Hedra’s ability to extinguish his sorrow has him eager to spend time with her in and out of the bedroom.

Too bad Hedra has a strict rule against sleeping with the boss.

Hedra’s no stranger to mistakes.  And sleeping with Boone would be more than a mistake, it could cost her everything. 

Unfortunately, ignoring her attraction to Boone proves impossible, especially when she’s a live-in nurse.  Not sleeping with the sexy tiger shifter requires a level of willpower she doesn’t possess.


As Hedra and Boone grow closer, Boone’s grief and Hedra’s enemies threaten to tear apart their blossoming love.


But when Hedra’s life is in peril, Boone and his tiger will stop at nothing to save their mate.

Content notes:  physical violence with blood, death of a best friend in the past but discussed throughout book, dealing with grief and loss, stalking and threatening behaviour, sexually explicit scenes, trapped underwater

This novel is fourth in a series but can be read as a standalone.  

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