A dangerous obsession is reignited with one touch.

The Vampire's Love

It’s been over a year since Val has last seen Abigail. Driven nearly mad by her loss, he finally accepts that she is gone to him forever. Until the night he discovers her about to be sold at a human auction.

After rescuing her from her new captor, he is stunned to realize that his little dove is no longer the shy, frightened human she once was. When he learns of her plan to rescue her new human friends from the deadly games they are being forced to participate in, he reluctantly agrees to help her.

Abigail vows to never again be a vampire’s meal ticket,  But when Val rescues her from the auction block, an  obsession she thought was gone forever is reignited.  Desperate to save her friends, she strikes a bargain with Val - the vampire she swore she’d never allow to control her again. 

 Pretending to be Val’s human slave is almost easy.  Pretending she isn’t falling in love with him is almost impossible.

This is Book Two and Book One "The Vampire's Kiss" MUST be read first.  But, The Vampire's Kiss is free to read at all major ebook retailers.  Click HERE to get your copy. 

Although Book Two tells a complete story, be warned that there is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end, because who doesn't love a good cliffhanger?

What Readers Are Saying

"The Vampire’s Love by Ramona Gray is such a great piece of art! This exciting piece of fiction is a continuation of Vampire’s Kiss and the story just keeps getting better and better! I love how the whole thing just flowed so seamlessly from scene to scene and I just could not read it fast enough! The story grabs you right from the beginning and just doesn’t let you go. The plot twists, the dialogue, the action, the love story, they are all just parts of this crazy world that I can’t wait to revisit again. Val is still broody, Violet the Pixie is still adorable, and ohmygosh, Abby comes back! Dude, she is such a badass! If I could be reborn as anything, I would beg to please, let me come back like the new Abby! There are new characters, the story grows, the intrigue, the love, and then there are the evil guys are who you will hate as much as I do. The story is so good that I didn’t want it to end. The new characters bring new opportunities to grow the story and Ramona Gray knows how to cultivate some wicked ideas! It’s a hard to put down story and you should totally pick it up!"

"I love this series. The character development is awesome, the story keeps you on the edge of your seat. The action and romance is awesome not cheesy at all. I love not only the chemistry but there is so much passion between two strong characters. I highly recommend this book to any pnr reader. I couldn't put this book down, I can't wait for the next book."

"I'm glad I discovered Ramona Gray's books.  I really enjoy her writing.  I couldn't put this book down.  Val the vampire is not your typical good guy.  He's rude, obnoxious and an ass but you can't help but love him.  Ms. Gray, please write faster.  I really enjoy your writing and can't wait for more books."

"The Vampire's Kiss by Ramona Gray is a quick and catchy read. I am hooked! Although I am not typically a fan of Vampire stories, I normally prefer shapeshifter paranormal love stories when I need some weird in my life because they are obviously more believable than vampire love even existing. Am I right? But no, I was wrong! I stand corrected and am now a fan! This story moved quickly, there wasn't a lot of detail drag, so it stayed crisp and in the moment. The characters were believable and likeable and the action was steady. I loved the Pixie character, that was a nice whimsical touch, but why not? It's a really good Vampire love story, and I can't wait to read the parts that come later. Abby's back story was compelling, and I am only left with two questions; How did Abby end up in that alternate world? and What happens next? I hope Ramona Gray will not make us wait too long to find out those answers. You should totally buy this book!"

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