Author of the 'Other World' Series

The Shifter's Mate

He may have taken her freedom,
but she's captured his heart.

Reese Warren knew she shouldn’t have investigated that glowing orb in her back yard. Curiosity killed the cat, as her mother always said. While her curiosity may not have gotten her killed, it's certainly changed her life forever. Sucked into another world, she's held captive in a compound with dozens of other women and a warden who auctions them off like they're animals.

When she's bought by a wolf shifter and his pack mates as a potential mate for their cruel alpha, Reese flat out refuses to accept a life of forced marriage and pushing out wolf babies. She just has to ignore her ridiculous attraction to the arrogant shifter, Kane, and find a way to escape him before he delivers her to his alpha.

Kane hates humans. Humans murdered his parents in cold blood, and his loyalty to his alpha is the only reason he's bringing them into their pack. But he didn't count on his immediate attraction to the crazy human who speaks of a world filled with impossibilities.

He will not disobey his alpha's orders, so why does his urge to claim Reese as his own mate increase with each passing day?

The Shifter's Mate is a standalone story in the "Other World" series.  You do NOT have to read Book One or Two first.

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What Readers Are Saying

"I absolutely loved this story between Reese and Kane. She is a strong and funny heroine, who backs up her talk with action, as she saves Kane and others throughout the book. Kane has reason to hate humans, but after he gets to know Reese, his opinion quickly changes. I thought it was romantic, funny, and a great read. I recommend this to any lover of romance and the paranormal!! "

"I really loved this book, I love finding an author who feeds my need for two different worlds coming together. The characters were great, especially Reese. Love an outspoken, funny woman. Look forward to the next, and plan to read the first two."

"Another fantastic book by  Miss Gray. I'm in love with this series I'm going to be on pins and needles waiting for the next installment. Please write faster Miss Gray. I will have to re-read book 1 to 3 in the meantime. Once again I'm in love."