Saving Jax

"Saving Jax was a sexy read that drew me in from page 1. Jax is a sexy bad boy that has secrets and my heart very early on. His rugged dangerous persona had infinite appeal. Mel is such a sweet, awesome person who takes care of her family without a thought to herself. She smoothed out his edges and the chemistry between the two had my kindle smoking. We also continue to see characters we fell in love with in The Escort which I loved. These characters feel real and could be your best friends, neighbors, lovers, etc. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and cannot wait to see what is to come from this author. I highly recommend it, but read The Escort first. "

"The instant chemistry between Jax and Melanie throughout the book, along with their need for the other, had me hooked from page one. The sex was scorching, but I loved how Jax couldn't stay away from Melanie, and Melanie believing, naively, that the one time with Jax was all she could get. It was a very steamy read, and I would recommend anything by Ramona Gray!!"

"Great story and an awesome continuation of her characters in her first entitled The Escort. I liked the story, very hot and classy. Ramona Gray is an amazing writer... I love her work. See for yourself, you wont be sorry ."

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Being bad never felt so good.

What Readers Are Saying

Melanie Thomas has never been lucky in love and it's just fine with her. Her life is uncomplicated - just the way she likes it. Besides, she's too busy with both her career as a nurse and keeping an eye on her brother Cal to worry about her own boring life.

When Cal quits his job as an escort and begins working for suspected drug dealer, Jimmy Golden, Mel is more worried than ever for her brother. His friendship with Jax Anderson, Mr. Golden's personal bodyguard, brings out her protectiveness for her older brother.  It isn't long before she's butting heads with the sexy and dangerous Jax.

But neither she nor Jax can ignore their mutual attraction.  As she begins to see another side of Jax and they grow closer, Mel’s boring, uncomplicated life is about to change forever.

"Saving Jax" tells the story of Melanie - Court and Cal's younger sister.  Although you do not have to read "The Escort" to enjoy this book, it will give you some insight into Julie and Court's relationship.  For Court and Julie fans - you'll be happy to see their continuing relationship featured in "Saving Jax".

Author of the 'Other World' Series