"I love the world that has been created by Ramona Gray, and the characters are wonderfully written and complex. Sara and Radek's story, while sexy and fast-paced, was also deeply satisfying at the end of the book. I enjoyed that Sara learned to be strong and protect herself, while Radek came to terms with his past and learned that some things are more important. This is a great read and I recommend the entire series!! "

"I have been a fan of the Other World Series from the beginning, but Rescued by the Wolf took the series to a whole other level. I love the interactions between Radek and Sara. The tension, and denial ratcheted up my anticipation for when they would finally be together. The sex is hot and will have you reaching for your partner in multiple scenes. Fans my face. Oh and Meeka was a twist to the story that stole my heart. He added a new type of love and relationship that won my heart over. This author has made me come to expect glimpses of the previous H and h. This book was no different and I was very thankful. I loved seeing the characters I fell in love with happy and flourishing. If you haven't read this series I can't recommend it enough. Ms. Gray has made a believer of me. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and I will reread this book and series. It grabbed me and doesn't want to let go!"

"Loved reading this series and so far Radek and Sara's book is my favorite, looking forward for the next book to come out. I really recommend readers to read this book so full of adventure, hot scenes and how the characters develop its incredible."

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Radek has no use for humans. As a wolf shifter, he values loyalty and courage - something humans lack. As far as he's concerned, the only thing worse than a human is a shifter who falls in love with one.

When he stumbles upon a human woman deep within the forest that surrounds his home, he's tempted to leave her to her fate. A human means trouble - especially one who speaks of a glowing orb and strange creatures who drink blood. He would be wise to ignore her intoxicating scent and the way her soft body fits so perfectly against his.

Sara isn't sure what's happening or how she ended up in the forest.  Her friends are missing and she only escapes death because of a large and angry wolf shifter named Radek. Despite Radek's coldness toward her, she knows he's her only chance of survival. When he reluctantly agrees to help her, she is puzzled by his hatred toward her. She's even more astonished when she discovers that his hatred is hiding a sizzling, uncontrollable desire for her.

Although Rescued By The Wolf is a stand-alone story, reading Books One to Three in the series first, would give you a better understanding of the characters.

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Rescuing her will lead to his salvation.

Rescued By The Wolf

Author of the 'Other World' Series