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Kate Jones always plays it safe. She’s perfectly content with her life and her job as a legal assistant. Until the day she falls into the lap of Edward Turner.

Handsome and well-spoken, he’s everything she never knew she wanted. His warm touch sets her body on fire with a deep, aching lust that makes her yearn to risk everything for just one night in his bed.

It’s a damn shame he’s her new boss

"This book almost broke my heart near the end, and yet you can't help but root for both Kate and Edward. Kate is a wonderful person who runs into Edward before she learns that he's her new boss, and they connect immediately. Edward, while working hard not to fall for Kate, comes up with a plan to get over her, but it backfires, and their one night isn't enough. It's a heartfelt book and a must read for both Kate and Edward!!! "

"When I bought this book I never expected to love it so much. The first scene with the cat sealed the deal. Kate was so down to earth and funny. Loved her relationship with her friend Olivia. Edward was a dream. So sexy and crazy jealous. Their meeting on the train was cute and those steamy one nighters were 5 alarm hot! Didn't want it to end."

"Wow! I am quite surprised at the deep topics brought to life in this fabulous book. Ms. Gray continues to surprise me. Edward is unlike her previous H and brings a vulnerability and rawness to the pages. He may have become my favorite H from this author. Kate, what can I say about Kate? Well she is a strong, take no nonsense h. Their romance is intense and rocky from the very beginning. The sexual tension and sexual encounters are crazy sexy and had me panting. If you are a fan of a sexy read with an addicting storyline than I highly recommend this book!"

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One Night

Author of the 'Other World' Series