Author of the 'Other World' Series


My love life is… well, it’s non-existent.  When you’re a single mom and barely making ends meet, you don’t have a lot of time to date.

Which is why local playboy and paramedic, Matt Andrews, daily visit to the diner where I waitress is a distraction.  He’s well known for his wicked ways, but a brief, lust-filled fling is the last thing I need.

It sure would be nice if my girlie bits had gotten the memo. 

His flirting is supposed to annoy me, and it does, but staring at his tall, lean body and those dark brown eyes makes me weirdly short of breath.  It wouldn’t be totally inappropriate to ask him for mouth to mouth, would it?​


What can I say?  I love the ladies, and the ladies love me.  They want a fun, sex-filled, no commitment required weekend?  I’m their guy.  I know all the right things to say and do to make their blood pressure rise, but I’ve never been interested in a relationship that meant something.

Until I met her.

I’ve fallen hard for waitress and single mom, Natalia Dixon.  Me, the guy who has never committed more than a couple of weeks to a woman, is suddenly fantasizing about setting up house with Natalia and her daughter and being the perfect husband and father.

I save people’s lives for a living, but I have a suspicion that Natalia is the only one who can save me.

Yielding to him will cost her pride. 
​Denying him may cost her everything.

He can give me mouth to mouth anytime...

Elena Unbound

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(Other World Series Book Seven)

Men rule.

Women eagerly submit...except Elena.  She refuses to wear a man's collar and doesn't sleep around.  Until a scarred stranger with a dangerous past rescues her.

Will one torrid night together be enough?  Falling for a man of his station is a risk, and Traven's attention span for women who share his bed is fleeting.

Only she may have more to fear than a broken heart.

A traitor hides among them, and as Elena and Traven grow closer, the real threat lurks around every dark corner.  Loyalties are tested.  Truth is elusive.

Can the betrayer be found, or will true love be their death?

(Working Men Series Book Nine)

The Paramedic

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