Listen, I might be the daughter of hippies, and maybe I’m a bit of a free spirit, but being on the run and giving up my home and my career and everything I love, is a bit too much for even me.  So, throw in a near-death experience, and you can totally understand why I would have a moment of insanity and sleep with the ridiculously hot cop who’d pushed all of my buttons not two hours earlier.

One night of madness is understandable but now… now, I’m not only being welcomed into the small-town life, but my attraction to one arrogant and oh-so-delicious cop is threatening to override all of my common sense.

Officer Wyatt Reynolds might be the hottest cop I’ve ever met, and maybe being handcuffed to his bed wouldn’t be the worst thing to ever happen to me, but I’m playing a dangerous game.  Staying here, allowing myself to fall for Wyatt, isn’t just a terrible idea.  It’s a dangerous one.


There isn’t anything wrong with order and control.  A well-organized sock drawer is the sign of a well-organized mind, right?  Being a cop is all I’ve ever wanted and - believe me – I know trouble when I see it.  Which is why I ignored my immediate attraction to the stranger I pulled over for a broken tail light. 

Sure, Maggie Blossom is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and her sexy-as-hell voice might have me fantasizing about having her in my bed in handcuffs, but she’s trouble with a capital T.

Still, it doesn’t stop me from making her mine for one hot tantalizing night.  Only one night isn’t enough for me.  Maggie and I are oil and water, but she’s making herself at home in my small town and my heart, and I couldn’t be happier.  But will the secrets she’s keeping, stop me from claiming her as mine?

The Paramedic

Excuse me, officer, I've been a very naughty girl...

(Working Men Series Book Eight)

(Working Men Series Book Nine)

Author of the 'Other World' Series


My love life is… well, it’s non-existent.  When you’re a single mom and barely making ends meet, you don’t have a lot of time to date.

Which is why local playboy and paramedic, Matt Andrews, daily visit to the diner where I waitress is a distraction.  He’s well known for his wicked ways, but a brief, lust-filled fling is the last thing I need.

It sure would be nice if my girlie bits had gotten the memo. 

His flirting is supposed to annoy me, and it does, but staring at his tall, lean body and those dark brown eyes makes me weirdly short of breath.  It wouldn’t be totally inappropriate to ask him for mouth to mouth, would it?​


What can I say?  I love the ladies, and the ladies love me.  They want a fun, sex-filled, no commitment required weekend?  I’m their guy.  I know all the right things to say and do to make their blood pressure rise, but I’ve never been interested in a relationship that meant something.

Until I met her.

I’ve fallen hard for waitress and single mom, Natalia Dixon.  Me, the guy who has never committed more than a couple of weeks to a woman, is suddenly fantasizing about setting up house with Natalia and her daughter and being the perfect husband and father.

I save people’s lives for a living, but I have a suspicion that Natalia is the only one who can save me.

He can give me mouth to mouth anytime...

The Cop