Author of the 'Other World' Series

(The Working Men Series Book Six)

Chloe Matthew’s fresh start recipe:

Step one: new job at Dawson Clothing—check

Step two: stop worrying about sister—easier said than done.

Step three: find nice safe guy and fall in love—too bad Chloe can’t one-click buy that.

Except tossing a complete stranger into the mix, banging him like a screen door, and having the best sex of her life could make her life’s recipe fall flat. And that whole sneaking out before the hot stranger wakes up? Not her finest moment.

But new coworker, Jackson Black is just what she’s looking for. Handsome. Reliable. Wicked sense of humour. Sleeping with a coworker has never been so tempting.

Only, Jackson is more than a splash of vanilla. He shares everything with his best friend, Ian—including women.

Will Jackson’s desires tear apart Chloe’s vision of the perfect life? Or can they make something even better since the sexy-as-sin, Ian Aldrin, is the stranger she spent one deliciously dirty night with?

My bush needs a trim and he's just the man to do it.

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Undeniably Theirs

(Undeniable Series Book Three)

The Landscaper


I’ve loved local landscaper, Knox Jameson, since I was twelve.  Yeah, he’s my brother’s best friend.

Total cliché.

But the heart wants what the heart wants, right?  Except on my eighteenth birthday, he made it perfectly clear he didn’t want me.  I showed him.  I got the hell out of our small town, determined to forget him.

I couldn’t.

Now I’m back.

Turns out, he’s wanted me all along, and playing with the landscaper’s hose is my new favourite thing.​


I’ve spent the last seven years trying to forget Isabelle.  She’s my best friend’s little sister, and he’ll kill me if I start waving my hose around her garden.

But her brother is the least of my worries.

She’s not in love with me. She loves the man she thinks I am.  It’s better for the both of us if I keep her at a distance. 

Only, my ability to resist her is growing weaker by the day. 

Author’s Note:  This is the sixth in a series of stand-alone short and dirty (So.Very.Dirty.) novellas.  You do not need to read the first five stories to enjoy this one.  If you’re looking for quick, one-handed (ahem) reads with insta-love, over-the-top alpha, blue-collar men then the trope-alicious Working Men series is for you!